Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Lautoka hinterland, FIJI ISLANDS
Journal articles will normally be between 6,000 and 12,000 words including all references, footnotes, tables, and figures. In order to be considered for publication, shorter or longer articles need the prior written approval of one or more of the co-editors. Book reviews and obituaries of between 750 and 4,000 words will also be considered for publication (at co-editors' discretion and without formal peer review).
Submit papers by email to: Kieran-james@live.com.au

Submission Guidelines: Please use Times New Roman 12 font, single-spacing, and justified text; footnotes not end-notes (Times New Roman, 10 font, single-spaced); bold and unnumbered section headings; italics (not bold) and unnumbered section sub-headings; and any consistent and orthodox formatting style for References List. Online references cited should include full URLs and access dates. Abstracts should be between 100-250 words (unstructured). At the moment we only accept English-language submissions.

Publication fees: Fees are payable by the author on acceptance of the paper for publication at rates of F$100 for Fiji-based and Pacific Island country-based authors and US$200 for all other authors. Fees can be reduced or waived on hardship grounds and once agreed to in writing by Dr. Kieran James. Please pay by paypal to the paypal account of: jamesk@usq.edu.au (but do not send emails to this address).

For enquiries contact:

Dr. Kieran James, Accounting, University of Fiji, Fiji Islands, Kieran-james@live.com.au
Mr. Salvin Nand, Law, University of Fiji, Fiji Islands, SalvinN@unifiji.ac.fj
Dr. Narendra Reddy, Management, HRM, Marketing, University of Fiji, Fiji Islands, NarendraR@unifiji.ac.fj
Dr. Kieran James, all other discipline areas, University of Fiji, Fiji Islands, Kieran-james@live.com.au

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